Its Getting Apparent

Non 49er lovers will believe Im being sour. And we ought to have been in a position to overcome the Chiefs and the Refs too. But CMON MAN, the ref prejudice was so evident vs the Ravens and the Chiefs non 49er fans need to concur something appears fishy. Its getting so clear now, when I was a gambling person, Id put enormous money on the NFL providing”Ref Assistance” into the apparent NFL best narrative favourite. After announcing his retirement that the Ravens, it was obvious before the match the NFL needed Ray Lewis to go out on top. Refs letting the Ravens get away with the exact same items, and were calling against the 49ers. This time, it was evident the NFL favored their new boy this year, AND the Chiefs AND Andy Reid to win. They wont help them in SBs following this, however they had him to win a SB NOW to sell the Golden Mahomes now.

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